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Small Business Marketing By Offering Buying Choices by Claude Whitacre

Small Business Marketing By Offering Buying Choices by Claude Whitacre
This idea was thought of for small business owners who own a retail store, but this idea will work with virtually any type of business. I make sure that I offer the prospect a choice of two, or rarely, three options, at different price points post by haiyan902.

There are several benefits to this.

In discussing the features and merits of the two offers, you can quickly tell where they are comfortable financially. I show the two products and make no outward attempt to lead them to either one. They will begin to ask you more questions about one of your offers. They will begin to give you reasons why the one offer is better for them than the other. Sometimes this is for the more expensive offer, sometimes not.

This "discussing two offers" has the benefit of casting you in the image of an advisor, instead of a salesperson Louis Vuitton handbags. The consumer tends to give value to your information, because it just sounds like you are helping, not pitching.

The idea of "whether to buy something" quickly becomes the decision of "which one is best for us". A far easier path to them buying.

You then have the ability to support whichever way they are leaning. If they like the more expensive model, you can tell them about all they get for just a little more money. If they start favoring the less expensive model, you can tell them how it has all the important features the more expensive one has Louis Vuitton Canada. Either way, I make it a rule to let them know that whichever way they choose, that it's the more popular choice with my customers. This gives them "social proof" that they are making the right choice.

This method of selling by offering options also allows the customer to feel more like the entire decision to buy was entirely their idea. You were just supplying them information. Of course, it really is their decision, but this method makes it faster for both of you, and gives the customer a better feeling after the sale is complete.

This method also dramatically cuts down on cancellations. After all, they chose what they wanted. It's harder to go back on a decision when that decision was yours, and not the salesperson's.

The reason you never want to make the choices more than three, is that now you end up giving them a tour of everything available. They become overloaded with information. The options cause them to stop the buying process until "they have a chance to digest everything". And remember, a confused mind always...always says "No".

After the sale is concluded, always support whichever choice they made. If they chose the lower priced option, make sure you point out all the essential features they got. If they chose the better model, make sure you point out what they received for that little added charge. Whichever way they went, you want to support that decision.

Believe me, this idea works wonders for your selling. That's it for now. <
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