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Direct Mail Advertising - Tips and Tricks by Joshua Feinberg

Direct Mail Advertising - Tips and Tricks by Joshua Feinberg
Direct mail advertising is a marketing technique you will likely use in your virtual IT business. Because this type of advertising can be expensive, it is best to know the ins and outs before you begin.

Direct Mail Advertising Tips

It typically takes at least three to five pieces of direct mail advertising before you get a response, and sometimes a lot more! To improve your response rate, you should be using a highly targeted direct mail advertising list huanghaiyan451.

To obtain a highly targeted direct mail advertising list, rent one that has some common element: industry, occupation, etc...

Once you have a highly targeted list, write a headline for your direct mail advertising that hits the target audience's hot buttons. With a good headline and good copy there�s no reason why you can't up the standard 1% response rate into the 3% - 5% range.

To find out what your target audience would be most interested in, poll some of them. There is no point sending out direct mail advertising if your offer is not appealing.

Use postcards for your direct mail advertising rather than letters. You can get them out the door faster, there is less copy to write, you'll save money on the printing, you'll save money on the postage, and you can mail more often and more pieces.

Set up a system to track and measure every single inquiry on the mailer. This way you can determine if the inquiries are coming after the first, second, third, etc.. piece of direct mail advertising received.

Use a two-step sales process. Get them first to raise their hand by making an inquiry and then you take over and do a more rigorous qualification after that.

Make your direct mail advertising date-sensitive. This forces a response sooner rather than later.

Send out a small, 500 - 1000 piece, test sample Peuterey uomo. This way you can make changes to the direct mail advertising copy or change your list before you make a big investment.

Bottom Line on Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising can be an effective tool. The key to maximizing your return with it is to be smart about it. Use the tips above to create a direct mail advertising campaign that will get you the results you need.

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