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Tips for an Internet Marketing Family Man (or Louis Vuitton outlet Woman) by Rodney Gainous, Jr.

Tips for an Internet Marketing Family Man (or Woman) by Rodney Gainous, Jr.
For those of you who are a family man (or woman) like me who are striving to build a successful Internet marketing business, it is sometimes hard, even impossible to find the time to do it.

So how do you do it? You have to set some strict rules to govern yourself by. You have to really discipline yourself to make this happen.

Here are some tips that will help you achieve SUCCESS in building your business so you can have the freedom to spend time and money you want with your family.

1. Set Real Goals.

Now I know everyone has heard of goal setting and writing down your goals and all of that good stuff but the key to setting goals, especially when you have a family, is to set REAL goals.

Make sure you set goals that allow for you to be a parent as well as a business man. If you know your kids have extracurricular activities on certain days, make sure you dont plan any heavy work on those days. After youre gone to practice or a game and come home and eat and get the kids ready for bed, youre tired. And at this point you wont be able to do much so make sure if you have to do some work. Make sure its not a lot.

2. Get Your Own Space

With children come toys, clothes, footballs, Ipods, dolls, CDs, bikes, computers, etc. Kids have all types of stuff and its usually all over the house.

In this situation, you need to make room JUST FOR YOU. Even if its a small work space in a corner, make sure the kids no that that space is off limits to them because that is for working adults only.

Protect your area at all cost because the last thing you need is some sticky peanut butter and jelly finders messing with you important paperwork post by haiyan902.

3. Keep Your Eyes On the Prize

Understand what your real purpose for doing this is. Understand that you are building your business because you want the freedom to be able to go to all of your kids activities without asking your boss to take off. That sucks!

Use your big Why as your motivator to build your business a little EVERYDAY. Think about all of the horrible reasons why you dont want to work for someone else and all of the drama that comes with being an employee as opposed to a BUSINESS OWNER.

4. Round Up the Posse.

While youre doing this you will need a support system. First you will need someone who has accomplished what youre trying to accomplish. Find a mentor/teacher/training. Find someone who you can get answers from to cut the learning curve down.

Believe me, whatever mistakes you make on your own, someone has already done it so why not learn from their mistakes.

Find others who are moving in the same direction as you. Work with these folks so you can motivate each other. Become accountability partners and every week set goals, share with each other and keep each other accountable Louis Vuitton outlet.

5. Act Like a First Round Draft Pick

You are now a professional business owner so act like one. Although youre not making the money you want you must still put yourself in the frame of mind that you are in business to do business.

Everything that you do and say needs to let people know that you are a professional business man running a professional business. This may mean you need to get business cards, change you voice message on your cell phone, get a fax number, etc.

Act like and treat your business like a business.

These are just a few things you need to do but theyre a start. Take the time to figure out how to accomplish each and everyone one of your goals so in due time, you will have a successful, profitable business.

To YOUR success,

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