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Start doing online business using B2B Portals in Six Steps

Start doing online business using B2B Portals in Six Steps I registered with a B2B site but whats next?This is a question many first time users of B2B marketplaces ask themselves. A few expect that the registration itself will bring them a number of new customers. In some cases this might by true! Especially, if you are a seller of some much coveted items. But for rest of us, things are a little trickier! A large B2B marketplace has a lot of suppliers of similar products, who are vying for the attention of potential customers. To establish your company as a favored one among them is not an easy task! However, a little planning and thorough follow up of some basic guidelines improve your chance of getting noticed by buyers significantly.Below, I outlined some of the basic steps that you should take once you seriously decide to market your products using B2B marketplaces.1 Write a nice profileWhen a prospective client sees your trade lead ad or your product on the marketplace and feels interested, the first thing he does is - checks your company profile out. Thats where the buyer gets his initial information about your company. If you have a virtually blank profile with a very little information on your company, doubtful that the potential client will even bother to make a request for quote. Thats why you should spend a little time on writing a nice company profile. Here are some aspects that you should emphasize on while writing your company profile.Start your profile with something noteworthy about your company. This could be the distinct quality that sets your business apart from your competition.Describe your present customer base, target market and any new products or projects that you are planning to come up with.Write a bit about your company history Louis Vuitton bags. When the company was incorporated? What is the business form?If you have something to boast about, do it! If you feel that your sales figures are impressive, why not mention them.Be brief! The profile should not be more than five paragraphs. You dont want your buyers to get bored!2 Include your logo on your Storefront pageIf you would like to separate your company from many other similar vendors, you have to think seriously about creating a brand for your company. Brand is the distinctive pattern of your business operation post by haiyan902. It portrays the nature of your service or product, your uniqueness in comparison to others etc. A nice looking logo is a key to branding your company. Customers will remember your company name better if you have a great logo to go with.3 Add products to your storefrontIt is important to have your main products, products that are your primary sale generators, added to your storefront. Products with nice picture and well descriptions capture buyers attention more than any thing else. After all the reason that the buyers are on your page is to look for the products that they need.New Great Storefront ServicesWhether you are a small enterprise, which sells goods and services locally, or you are a medium to large company with global reach, Rusbiz is planning to introduce great storefront services with complete corporate site to match your every business need. Features include:BasicSingle page storefront10 products in E-catalogSales through e-marketplaceRFQ and QuotationNegotiationsInternal Messaging ServiceMany other featuresAvailable now and it's free!Enterprise10 different templates to build multiple-page storefront100 products in E-catalogSales through e-marketplaceRFQ and QuotationNegotiationsPurchase OrdersInvoicesTax CalculationShipment trackingInternal Messaging ServiceMerchant AccountMany other featuresComing soon!Corporate10 different templates to build multiple-page storefront1000 products in E-catalogSales through e-marketplaceRFQ and QuotationNegotiationPurchase OrdersInvoicesTax CalculationShipment trackingInternal Messaging ServiceMerchant AccountMany other featuresComing soon!4 Make nice pictures of your productsNothing can turn off a prospective buyer than a hazy or blur picture of the product that he intends to buy from you. If your competitors product with exactly same features has nicer picture, guess who has a better chance to get the business? Spend some money and take professional pictures of your products. Make sure that you followed all the instructions of the Portal before uploading the pictures.5 Post your products for sale on the marketplaceProduct visibility is the name of the game! Dont confine yourself just by adding products to E-catalog and your Storefront. Post products for sale on the E-marketplace.There are numbers of great advantages of posting products on E-marketplaces:Frequent browsers of marketplace can see your productsBuyers can compare your products with others on marketplaceBuyers can take an immediate buying decision and make an instant Purchase Order.6 Post trade leadsFor many not-so-savvy users of B2B sites it's a bit complicated to make buys and sales through marketplaces. They prefer to get trade leads from the site and make contacts with buyers or sellers by fax, phone or just emails. Posting trade leads is a great marketing method to tap new territories. Dont be disappointed if you do not get immediate feedbacks. Repeat trade leads at least once in a month. Since normally a portal constantly acquires new members, in order to expose the leads to bigger audience, it is worthwhile to post trade leads frequently. <
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